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Chinese Medicine Therapies

Each treatment session usually includes at least two therapies, most commonly Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Other possible combinations are: 

- acupuncture + tui na (with or without moxibustion)

acupuncture + cupping /gua sha

- tui na + cupping /gua sha

tui na + moxibustion

Individualised lifestyle advice (diet, exercise, stress management, sleep habits etc.) is also offered to complement treatment effectiveness and improve overall health.

THE FIRST CONSULTATION takes 1 hour and it includes the following:

  • an extended discussion on your current health state, lifestyle and medical history, as well as other relevant details needed to set up the Chinese medicine diagnosis 

  • pulse and tongue diagnosis 

  • abdominal diagnosis 

  • deciding on a treatment plan 

  • treatment using the appropriate combination of therapies 

The FOLLOW-UP TREATMENTS will take approximately 1 hour and involve a brief discussion about your progress, pulse, tongue and abdominal diagnoses, followed by treatment. 


  • At first, regular treatments are necessary in order to restore the mind-body-spirit balance and achieve the relief of presenting symptoms. Typically at least 4 to 8 regular sessions are necessary, depending on how serious and long-term the presenting condition is and how quickly your system responds. 

  • The appointments are usually once a week, however some chronic conditions may require more regular sessions.

  • Once the treatments have started to take effect, the session will gradually become less frequent (every other week/once a month), the aim being to consolidate the results and balance achieved.

  • Maintenance sessions are highly recommended (once a month or every other month) especially in the case of more serious or long-term health concerns.


A treatment session is charged at a flat rate of 75 EUR, regardless of how many therapies are being performed. 

The Sacred Dao Acupuncture Clinic treatment costs can be claimed from most health insurance providers. Please see the full list here.


The same Chinese medicine principles apply for children as for adults. However, when it comes to acupuncture children only need a quick in-and-out insertion of the needle rather than pins being left in for 20 minutes. The needles are fine and the insertion is quick, therefore the child hardly notices them at all.

The other important point to note is that not many points are needed mainly because their qi  is so ‘fresh’ and is easily restored to balance. For example, on a baby, I would use one to four insertions which would take a second or two each. It doesn’t sound like much but it is enough to create a powerful change in their system. Usually, tui na techniques are additionally applied.


For acute problems only one or two treatments may be required. However, there can be underlying deficiencies that may need to be strengthened and replenished. This process can take between one and two months and in some cases longer. The frequency of the sessions is usually once or twice a week.


The symptoms I treat include:

  • digestive problems (constipation, diarrhoea, tummy aches and pains, colic, wind, very smelly poos and wind, fussy eater)

  • immune weakness (constant colds, flus, chronic coughs, recurrent ear infections, recurrent upper respiratory infections)

  • skin conditions (chronic dry skin, chronic itchy skin)

  • sleeping problems

  • overly high energy that is erratic

  • very low energy

  • low muscle tone

  • growing pains and more

A session may take between 40 minutes and 1 hour and is charged at a flat rate of 50 EUR, regardless of how many therapies are being performed.

Paediatric Acupuncture & Tui Na 

For more information please call 0615204279 or send an email at

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